Traffic Marshall Course

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Course Objectives

  1. Explore current, relevant health and safety regulations.
  2. Learn the code of signals
  3. Identify hazards associated with directing highway traffic operations and how to mitigate any associated risk.

What is a Banksman?

Banksman are operatives trained to direct vehicle movement on or around the site. They are often called traffic marshals. Is usually a trained competent person who would position themselves so that they have an unrestricted view of the load and the vehicle operated, to give load-manoeuvring instruction to the appropriate vehicle driver. Example; Instructed a lorry driver via signals or radio.

The importance of using a banksman

Workplace transport is used in a great variety of scenarios, but sadly remains the second biggest cause of fatal injury in the workplace.

  • Workplace transport is one of the most “multi-factor” risk-controlled issues duty holders have to cope with.
  • Adequately controlling the risk, especially the vehicle movement risk, depends on duty holders establishing and sustaining control over a wide range of matters.
  • A banksman should be used where necessary, both to keep the reversing area free of pedestrian and to guide drivers.

(It is important to remember that most fatalities happen during reversing).

Banksman duties before and after the manoeuvre:

  1. Agree on a plan of action for the event.
  2. Aways have a quick meeting with the driver or operator before the start of work.
  3. Wear high visibility clothing and ensure signals are seen.
  4. Stand in a safe position, from which to guide the reversing vehicle without being in his way.
  5. Place yourself 5 meters away from the vehicle.

During the manoeuvre:

  1. Use a clear, agreed system of signalling
  2. Be visible to drivers at all times.
  3. Have direct visibility with the drivers.
  4. If possible get the vehicle to drive in forward.
  5. Never allow reversing at night. 
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